Asheville Architectural Services

Samsel Architects is a full-service firm that provides a broad scope of architectural services to our clients. This includes new construction, commercial projects, residential and commercial renovation, master planning and historic preservation. We believe in designing enduring projects that reflect the unique character of our mountain region landscape. Over thirty years of experience has given us the technical expertise, creative vision and competency to deliver an exemplary project.

In addition to full architectural services for new construction, addition renovation and adaptive re-use, Samsel Architects also provides the following services to meet your needs:

  • Renderings
    marketing drawings, capital campaigns, stakeholder buy-in
  • Interiors
    interior architecture, custom cabinetry design
  • Visioning
    design guidelines, pattern language, branding
  • Master Planning
    long-term development planning and site design
  • Historic Renovation
    historic preservation, rehabilitation and restoration
  • Interactive Workshops
    plan and facilitate events for boards, multiple stakeholders with specific goals and output in mind
  • 3-D Modeling
    computer modeling, renderings and animated fly-throughs
  • Facilities Assessment
    consultations on energy, renovations, and operations and maintenance policies

Our Process

  • 1: Predesign

    Decide What To Build

    • Identify both the opportunities and constraints of the site (or multiple sites)
    • Listen to our Clients’ vision, needs and goals of their project
    • Develop a preliminary project budget
  • 2: Schematic Design

    Develop The Concept

    • Prepare initial design concepts via drawings and/or models
    • Work with Client to achieve an approved design concept
    • Update the preliminary budget
  • 3: Design Development

    Refine The Design

    • Add detail to the approved design
    • Refine the approved schematic design until a final design is approved
    • Update the preliminary budget with a Contractor
  • 4: Construction Documents

    Add Detail And Specifics

    • Prepare detailed Drawings and Specifications that are referenced in the contract between the Client and Contractor
    • This typically includes interior and exterior details, interior elevations and updates to schedules
  • 5: Construction Procurement

    Hire The Contractor

    • Assist the Client in selecting the Contractor
    • Negotiating a construction contract through either a bidding or negotiation process
  • 6: Construction Administration

    Bring The Design To Life

    • Observe construction work for quality and conformance
    • Process the Contractor’s shop drawings, samples and pay requests
    • Administer project close-out, punch list, warranties, etc.
Team photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all projects include all of the services noted above?

Most do; however, we can adjust our services (and fees) to the Owners’ particular requirements.

What approach produces the best project?

  • Attentive listening, clear communications and teamwork by all parties
  • The Architect gets to know the Owner(s) and understands how they function
  • Owner approval of each phase of work prior to proceeding
  • “Living” with the project’s design as it unfolds
  • Taking time to process and understand the plans

Who is on the “team” when designing and building a project with Samsel Architects?

The Owners, the Architect and a Contractor. Affiliated design professionals, such as an interior designer, engineers and a landscape architect, are also often involved in creating the project.

How are your fees determined?

Our fees are negotiated according to our role and level of service. We can structure our fee as a fixed amount, percentage of construction cost, or hourly rates – based on the Owners’ needs. The project size, location, level of finish and other design factors affect our fees.

For more information about designing and building a home, please download FAQ sheets below.