We want our work to inspire joy.

Every project has its own unique answers and is a new opportunity for us to invent and evolve our ideas. We are energized and inspired by each client, each building, and each piece of land to create a solution that works specifically for them.

Downtown Asheville Apartment Living Room

Our Purpose

Discover. Create. Inspire. Three words guide who we are, how we work, and what we design. We believe that architecture has the power to use discovery, creativity and inspiration to enhance our quality of life.


We take the time to discover our client’s vision, the history of a place and the character of a landscape to know how to start our design process. These early moments of a project form lasting impressions. We search to understand the true essence of a person, an organization and a place so we can begin to know what to create.


Our discoveries guide us as we develop a tailored approach to the design. Through our creative process, we blend art and function to create an individualized project for each client. We work collaboratively with our clients, listen to their goals, ask questions and then provide our guidance on the best design solutions.


We are continually inspired by the work of others and the beauty of the natural world. We bring the best team to the table to develop a unique design, from contractors and engineers to landscape architects and interior designers. Our goal is for our work to inspire joy in those who live in the world that we are building together.

Karen Cragnolin Park Riverlink Tour Group Presentation

Building Community

We believe we have a responsibility to create a positive and lasting impact in our community. We give back by volunteering our staff and personal time to public works and pro-bono projects and by donating 8% of our annual net profits to local non-profit organizations that support and foster these causes:

  • Creativity and the Arts
  • Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice
  • Education and Mentorship
  • Local Entrepreneurship
  • Environment and Sustainability

Our Values

Our values come from our firm’s character and heart. They lead us in our decisions and actions with our clients, with our coworkers, and with our community. Our values are fundamental to how we run our business now and in the future.


We are deeply committed to meeting and serving the needs of our clients, our community and each other. Our service transcends just volunteerism and is embedded in our belief that we work for the betterment of others.


We love the NEW. New people, new projects, new ideas and processes. Central to our joy are the possibilities we discover every day as we seek out new opportunities to create, invent and innovate.


Creativity is transforming a discovery into an idea, and the idea into its potential. It is what we do with everything we discover. It is how we move into the future. It is how we participate in making a new world for our community, our clients, and ourselves. Creativity is woven into our entire process.


From our own inspiration, we believe that our buildings can touch the heart and spirit and evoke emotions of love, joy, satisfaction, comfort. Our work can inspire expansion and endless possibilities in others.

Design Excellence

Everything we design comes from a deep understanding of lives, stories and sense of place. We are committed to the highest level of detail and execution and we are dedicated to the best solution, regardless of circumstance, time, or effort.


We are proud of our accomplishments, including recognition for the quality of our work, design awards, consistent positive feedback, and being published in both print and digital media outlets. We are also proud of our internal measures of success: achieving financial profitability and solvency, longevity of our firm, and the strength of our brand.


We understand that we are part of a greater system. We believe we have a responsibility to create a positive and lasting impact on that system through our people and projects. We also believe in supporting people and projects that value equity and diversity, health, economy and education.


We believe that our connection to nature is at the core of human happiness. That is why we respect the finite resources of this earth and are responsible for how we use them to develop the buildings and communities we live in.

Civic Responsibility

We stay informed of local, regional and global issues and make time for service to these issues and our community. We are advocates for society’s shared success and believe that one person can make a difference.


Integrity is the foundation of our words and actions in the world. These are our principles: Care. Be trustworthy with our clients’ lives and resources. Take the high road, always. Be truthful and honest. Fix mistakes. Do the right thing and do it the right way. Look in the mirror and tell the truth.


As individuals and as a firm, we value learning in every way. We are most satisfied when we challenge the status quo in our design and in our own lives. We move the bar, play with the existing paradigm, and are unafraid to let go of what is for what can be.


We work in a place where trust and communication create meaningful human relationships. We support each other, we laugh and cry together, we enjoy the challenges of our work together and we appreciate each other. We believe in supporting each other as we grow as humans and as architects.