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Education Architects in Asheville, NC

Samsel Architects has worked with early childhood education, elementary schools and higher education clients in the Asheville community for over 30 years. Working on educational architectural projects is a unique process that involves designing for a diverse range of clients. Students, faculty, staff and even parents and the broader community need to be considered when designing a successful education facility.

We believe in designing educational buildings that inspire creativity, provide a healthy environment with good daylight and air quality, and offer the flexibility and long-term functionality necessary for a modern school. Education facilities also provide an opportunity for the building itself to be used as a learning tool.  A building’s performance, materials, systems and design concepts can be highlighted and made visible for students, teachers and the community to learn from.

College Architecture, Asheville

Samsel Architects has maintained a long standing relationship with Warren Wilson College and has completed 10 projects across its campus including the LEED Platinum Certified EcoDorm, which has won national awards and been featured in the New York Times.

The EcoDorm at Warren Wilson College is an excellent example of a green education building that acts as a demonstration facility for environmental education. Monitoring sensors and internet-based displays of the building’s energy and environmental systems allow the students to be aware of the direct connection between their daily living habits and the environmental consequences that result in the building’s performance.

Charter School Architecture, Asheville

Samsel Architects has experience working with Asheville area elementary schools including Evergreen Community Charter School, a K through 8th grade school committed to green building and environmental education and design. ECCS is one of two schools in the state that received the US Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools Award, recognizing the highest performing green schools in the nation. Samsel Architects is proud to work with Evergreen and continue their commitment to green school design and education.

Early-childhood Education, Asheville

We worked collaboratively with our clients, Verner Center for Early Learning, to develop an innovative early-childhood education center that included classroom design, art studios and several multi-purpose spaces for long-term flexibility.  Early-childhood education projects create unique opportunities for architecture to reflect curiosity and creativity of young children.  Designing healthy environments with good indoor air quality and non-toxic materials and finishes is an important aspect of early-childhood educational facilities.