Asheville, NC

This mid-century mountain modern home was originally designed in the early 1950s by a local, noted architect for a successful landscape architect and his wife. The house was carefully sited on the nine acres of land, some of which was a waste disposal site in the early 20th century during the construction of the Kenilworth subdivision in Asheville. The house has ample windows that provide dramatic views of the adjacent Lake Kenilworth and surrounding woods, as well as the fabulous gardens in the foreground.

The current owners wanted to only enhance the home subtly, not alter its original character. The majority of exterior and interior materials were preserved while the plan was updated with an enhanced kitchen and master suite. The energy-efficiency of the house was significantly improved through window replacements, a new high-performance HVAC system and a spray-foam thermal envelope. Added daylight to the kitchen was provided by the installation of a new operable skylight. New large format porcelain tile and walnut cabinets in the master suite provided a counterpoint to the primarily painted interior with brick floors.

All work, other than a 30 square foot expansion of the kitchen at the sink wall, was done within the footprint of the original structure.

Feature in Carolina Home + Garden Magazine.