Celo, NC
New Construction

The Celo Residence is a guest cabin is located adjacent to an organic farm overlooking the South Toe River. The highest portion of the property offers stunning mountain views, however, the owners wanted to minimize the home’s visual impact on the surrounding hillsides. The house was located down slope and adjacent to a woodland edge which provides additional privacy and protection from strong northern winds. The house’s linear configuration is a response to the steep topography, and the entrance was strategically located relative to a large oak tree.

The sensitive nature of the site guided much of the home’s design. The bent floor plan takes advantage of the site topography and winter views. Energy efficiency and water conservation were design priorities that minimize the Celo Residence’s environmental impact. This narrow form provides excellent daylighting, natural ventilation and visual connections to the surrounding landscape. Space efficiency is optimized by utilizing the hallway as a utility, laundry and storage area and the main living space is adjacent to two outdoor spaces which expands the usable living area for most of the year.

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