Asheville, NC

This modern, flat-roofed home in the mountains of the Asheville Country Club area had major leaks, rot, and water damage when the owner purchased it. The renovation process was split into three phases to achieve the functional and aesthetic improvements necessary.

Phase one replaced the existing roof with a pitched roof with wide overhangs, minimizing the chance of future leaks. The house is approached from below, so the low-sloped hip roof with its dramatic dark soffit appears nearly flat from the front.

Phase two centered on softening the entrance. The front door is almost a full story above the lawn, and the addition of an intermediate-level patio breaks up the entry stair.

Phase three, the interior renovation, included a complete update of the kitchen. The dining and living areas were opened up to create a less formal space, and patio doors allow ample light indoors. The new cabinetry and flooring are a light-colored wood, giving the space an airy quality.