Asheville Art Museum

Asheville, NC

Samsel Architects facilitated Asheville Art Museum Renovation to re-envision use of the vacated Health Adventure space. As part of the Asheville Art Museum’s “Primed” project, this interim expansion has functioned as an initial “test” of how the Museum can possibly use this added space. Under tight time constraints, Samsel staff worked collaboratively with Asheville Art Museum staff, the Museum’s building committee, City of Asheville building officials, and the project contractor to create an architectural design for the full transformation of this 14,000 square foot existing space. Spatial upgrades include a new art classroom, a hands-on learning environment, classroom storage, two theaters, an assembly hall, curatorial work space, restroom upgrades, and flexible gallery spaces. This fast-paced and extremely low-budget endeavor creatively tackled sprinkler system upgrades, life safety improvements, new finishes, modified walls and ceilings, polished concrete floors, HVAC renovations, security system modifications, collaboration with local artists, custom light fixtures, incorporation of site-specific murals, improved energy efficiency, better connectivity between spaces, and overall increased functionality.