Our newest lakehouse provides a very strong proximity and connection to the water. The owners sought the location for quick access to lake activities--boating, kayaking, swimming, as well as lakeside campfires and gatherings. Both the site and house provide great lake views and easy walking to the boat dock and lakefront. The house is distinctly and simply divided into two zones: two levels of bedrooms at the north end and the kitchen/gathering spaces on the south end. Separating those zones are the transparent main level entry and the stairs to lower lakeside level. The entry is a contemporary

Samsel Architects has the pleasure of designing the retrofit of an old timber-frame barn into a functional, modern home. The homeowners selected an existing barn from Heritage Restorations’ online catalog of historic barns. It is scheduled to be relocated from upstate New York to western North Carolina in early Spring of 2014. The design goal for this home is to maximize modern comfort while honoring and highlighting the original old-barn feel. Through advanced 3D CAD modeling, as many timbers as possible were retained, and any timbers or old siding excluded from the rebuilt frame will be salvaged