One of the fun aspects of having a firm founded in 1985 is that we regularly get an opportunity to renovate our prior designs for new owners with new ideas. We designed the house in the mid-1980s. The prior owner wanted very modest windows into the master bath since they were located on the entry side of the house. Privacy was also a concern to the new owners but with a more modern and Asian design aesthetic, we suggested an expanded wall of glass behind a stained wooden screen to filter light and views. The result is a dramatic space with generous

Backyard chicken coops are becoming more and more popular in both rural and urban areas for a myriad of reasons. With so many coops popping up, some people are getting more and more creative with the design. Here are some examples of these stylish chicken coops. The first coop (photo on left) is designed by architect, Frederick Roijé, and is entitled Breed Retreat. Roijé desire was to create an environment that gives nature a space in an urban environment. Nature is often forgotten in our fast-paced world, but with a striking coop such as this one, it is the architect's hope