About an hour and a half southeast of Asheville, in Maiden, North Carolina, lies the physical location of Appleā€™s iCloud. The site is the largest data center in the US that is run entirely on renewable energy. The center is capable of producing 167 million kilowatts of power from its fuel cells and 100-acre solar farm. The Maiden solar energy facility began operation in December. Apple has converted many of their facilities to run on renewable energy and plan to convert all their facilities worldwide. To read more about this at Reuters, click here. Photo credit: Softpedia

Many of our clients' needs are similar: function, efficiency, and style within a limited budget. Our recently completed home in the Kenilworth neighborhood of Asheville, NC sits on a flat infill lot - a rare commodity in our mountain region. As always, we started with the land - a complete analysis including sun, views, drainage, neighboring houses and precisely locating two very stately trees. Then we organized an efficient plan which reflected both our clients' program and the opportunities provided by the land. Maximizing function while minimizing square footage was critical in getting this design to work on their