In Warsaw, Poland, a 47-inch wide house is under construction in a narrow opening between two buildings. The installation, designed by Jakub Szczęsny, is called the Keret House and should be completed by mid October. The intended use of the Keret House will be a workplace for Etgar Keret, an Israeli writer, but will also be host to other invited guests as a platform for intellectual exchange. The house is 3 stories with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. To view more pictures of the world's skinniest house, click here.

How do you turn a historic log cabin into a modern energy efficient home? Samsel Architects recently completed an addition and renovation to a historic log cabin in Weaverville that achieves just that. The design allowed our clients to maintain the historic character of the log cabin that they loved, while also improving the functionality of spaces and providing the comforts of modern living. The addition includes a new kitchen, bathroom and master closet. New spray foam insulation, windows, heating and cooling equipment and air sealing details make the cabin energy efficient and comfortable year round.