Here's a great solution for temporary or refugee housing from I-Beam Design + Architecture, a firm out of New York. The reuse of shipping pallets for construction has been explored for many years - this is the best solution we have seen so far. To see more photos and to learn more about the project, click here.

  The design and construction of the Evergreen Community Charter School outdoor classroom exemplifies Samsel Architects’ commitment to experiential education and collaborative design.   To start the process, Charles Krekelberg of our office worked closely with Evergreen’s 6th grade class to develop initial architectural designs for the project. Over the course of several weeks, he taught students how to construct three-dimensional models of their own outdoor classroom, employing an intuitive computer program. More than forty student designs were developed in collaboration with Charles, their guest instructor.       The design process then transitioned to AB Tech where college level students synthesized the various 6th