Since 2005 the projected US building energy consumption through 2030 has been steadily improving.  Each year the Energy Information Administration publishes its forecast for US building energy consumption, the Annual Energy Outlook (AEO). This is good news for the economy as well. Projections show Americans will save $3.66 trillion by 2030 compared to the projections from 2005.  For more information see the: Architecture 2030 Report

Photographer James Reeve has created a beautiful series called "Lightscapes".  Reeve photographs cities at night and creates exposures that allow the architecture to remain completely black while the structures' form is shown only through the glow of night lighting.

Helping our clients consider and address their future needs as well as their current ones is vital in designing a house that can evolve during retirement years.  Long term livability in a home means designing in flexibility and the first step is determining which design elements need to be included initially and which can be installed with minimal cost if they are needed later. Initially, a house should be designed for step free access to vehicles and outdoor spaces.  All doors and openings should be built to be a minimum 32” clear and ideally 36” wide when practical.  Hallways should be

We can’t create a house that can predict the future, but we can design a house for flexibility and adapting to the uncertainty of growing older.  The goal in designing a retirement house is to create a living space that everyone, regardless of age, size or physical ability can live in or visit for as long as possible. This time in people’s lives often means a lifestyle shift of spending more time inside and around the house than ever before and spending more time with spouses and partners.  Therefore a retirement house needs to be highly functional in the daily tasks

Welcome to the launch of our new blog.  Our goal is to create a resource for news and thoughts on architecture, green building, development and living in western North Carolina.  From project details and photos to design ideas and problem solving, we hope you find the information useful and inspiring.