Asheville Architect

Samsel Architects is an award-winning Asheville architecture firm founded in 1985. We have designed projects throughout the Southeastern US and beyond.

Our studio specializes in custom residential architecture, commercial architecture, hospitality, galleries, retail, medical and educational facilities. We provide a broad scope of architectural services including new construction, home renovation, commercial renovation, master planning and historic preservation.

We believe in designing timeless buildings that reflect the unique character of Asheville and our mountain landscape. Whether a project is in the heart of the city or perched on a mountain, we work with our clients to create an elegant design that has a sense of place and blends with the surrounding land.

Asheville Green Architects

Samsel Architects is committed to green building and green architecture in the Asheville area. Protecting our beautiful mountain region through green architecture principles and sustainable design is a core value of our studio.

The LEED Accredited Professionals in our firm incorporate sustainable design features and green building principles throughout our work. Green architecture is a founding principle of our firm and our staff is committed to environmental design. We have designed and certified multiple LEED projects, including the first LEED-EB Platinum dormitory in the country.

Energy efficient green building techniques are integrated into all of our projects. Our extensive experience with energy efficient design and renewable energy gives our clients a high performance building that has lower operational costs and better year round comfort. Our extensive experience with energy efficiency, renewable energy rebates and tax credits allow for a faster return on investment for our clients.

Healthy interior design and air quality is an important component to green architecture. Our technical expertise in building science and moisture management ensures a safe indoor environment for our clients. Experience and knowledge of low toxic finishes and materials as well as best practices for ventilations systems and indoor air quality allows us to guide our clients through the proper decision making process of creating a healthy and sustainable building.

Mountain Modern Architecture in Asheville

Samsel Architects has been designing mountain modern architecture in Asheville for over 30 years. Crafting modern mountain architecture involves blending the aesthetics of simple forms and clean lines with the warmth and beauty of natural materials. Mountain modern design has evolved from historical roots in the Asheville area that began with the 1800s mountain farm vernacular buildings. These simple architectural forms and utilitarian and agricultural structures were the predecessors to the current modern mountain designs we see in Asheville and Western North Carolina today.

Rustic contemporary architecture is a similar term and style where natural materials, including timber frame, stone and natural wood paneling, are integrated with contemporary architectural forms. Samsel Architects uses a simple and unified palette of color and materials to create rustic contemporary architecture for the interior spaces and the exterior forms of our projects. These styles are evident in our mountain houses and commercial projects and help reflect the character and mountain history of Asheville and our region.