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Creating balance between a fireplace and television

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A challenge that often occurs while designing a house is how to balance both a television and fireplace in the same space. Televisions can be an eye sore when it comes to design, and having both can create competing focus in a room. A multi-functional gathering space that fosters both entertaining and relaxation, with or without the TV or fireplace on, is important to many homeowners, so finding a harmonious Read more…

Pantone Hotel in Brussels Provides Colorful Experience

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We discovered the most colorful hotel on the web site ArchDaily. The Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium will provide any guest a vibrant and exciting stay. This hotel is a seven-story building that is wholly inspired by the Pantone Color Matching System. Designed by interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert, the building is thoughtfully decorated with different hues from the Patone color world. Each of the seven floors Read more…

Samsel Architects featured in “Built-Ins Idea Book”

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Samsel Architects was featured in a recently published book by The Taunton Press, “Built-Ins Idea Book”. Both projects featured have integrated built-in cabinetry that encloses the fireplace and TV. These two focal points of a room often compete with each other for space and attention. We combined these into a single element in the room and visually tie them together with the mantle and hearth.